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Why train at LGS?

• We have nearly 7 years experience in the SMP game

• We have trained over 100 people, training the most in the UK

• We have trained people from all backgrounds, from plasterers to doctors.

• We have trained people from all over the world

• No experience or qualifications needed.

• We have carried out 1000s of treatments!

• Our training is always hands on, practical and guaranteed to work on models.

• Watch our technicians working on clients everyday!

• We offer further assistance once qualified.

• We have 2 separate specialised rooms, 1 catered for training and the other for treatments

• We have the biggest portfolio in the UK click on this link and see

• Certificate given on the last day of training

For training please ring 0121 769 2457/ 07513381448

Payment plans now available please enquire.