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The Treatment

At LGs Hair Clinic we provide  Scalp Micro Pigmentation (Hair replication). A treatment that allows us to replicate hair follicles with a cosmetic tattoo technique. After your treatment any baldness areas  disappear and a new hairline will appear covered with the illusion of hair follicles. Making the head looking like a  ‘shaved’ or ‘buzzed’ hairstyle, a look that will never go out of fashion!

Our special different coloured pigments used to replicate hair follicles are the very best in SMP world . The equipment used is the best technology has to offer & produced in Germany, known for their excellence in SMP equipment and results.

Scalp pigmentation treatment is non-surgical, Immediate, scar free and no drugs. Immediate means you will be walking out the clinic with instant results with a new hairline.

Hair loss Treatment for a Receding Hairline

This treatment is excellent for bringing back your hairline to its natural position, once the treatment is done it makes you look more younger, brings back confidence and you will be walking out of the clinic smiling!

Treatment for Balding Of The Crown

Male Pattern baldness of the crown, this is effects a lot of men. After your first treatment your crown will look more dense giving a natural look of a shaved head.

No Hair Complete Baldness

Complete Baldness, now this treatment will transform you making you look so much younger I have known clients look 10 years younger after the full treatment. The hairline is completely redesigned giving a natural look. Please look at the picture gallery or request some more examples from my portfolio.

Camouflaging Scars any sort of scar

We treat many clients with Scalp Pigmentation to camouflage scars. The most treated  scar is from hair transplants leaving what is called a donor scar at the back of the head. Any sort of scar can be treated to camouflage.

Payment plans now available please enquire.