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I chose LGs in late 2013 based on their more affordable pricing. I was slightly nervous at first since I thought I might get a substandard effect based on a lower price but the reality could not have been further from the truth. LGs provide a lower price based on a lower cost structure and by not taking advantage of men's low self esteem & vanity. An admirable business ethic. My hair line provided quite a challenge, I am a fair-haired man in my early fifties going grey. Worse, I went bald at an early age at 21 and had the hairline of a monk with fair skin. The ultimate slap head. In truth I have always been a youthful looking man with a baby face with slightly better than average looks but with severe baldness it aged me and as bald men lack virility in the eyes of women it was always harder for me to do well with women. Not any more! Working over 3 sessions, with a longer than average first session at some 5 -6 hrs LGs used a good lighter match to my natural colour. We worked up an impressive head of hair shadow and even put back in a more forward younger mans hair line with added sideburns I never had at my persistence. To be honest to say I was delighted with the results would be an understatement. I was made up and looking 10 years younger for first time as a man I started receiving immediate female interest. Interestingly none of my siblings or immediate family or work colleagues suspected or noticed any change, only my own daughter noticed! Impressive is simply not the word. LGs have an easy relaxed informal way while maintaining an air of superior professionalism, exceedingly high attention to detail and a very personal service. I consider Lukan a friend. My life has changed for the better and my confidence in all areas of my life is 'though the roof'. Women notice me and I only wished this procedure had been around 25 years ago. Success. I now expect to come back every 12 - 18 months for a top up, money well spent.

− Matt Williams-Hill, Epsom, Surrey

was very please with the training I received from Lukan at LGs Hair Clinic. He is very thorough and has a lot of patience. The training was very professional and has given me the skills I need to start my own SMP business.

− Justin

I've always thought it important to do the research before choosing a training provider and I was really happy I chose Lukan Griffith of LGs hair clinic to train me in scalp pigmentation. He's an excellent technician and a great teacher, thorough, considerate and patient. Lukan impressed me from our first conversation while I was still deciding where to train. He was the only provider I contacted who wanted to know in detail what my requirements were and who asked in detail about my existing skill set and experience in the relevant areas of drawing and tattooing. Lukan offered me a course which incorporated all of my requirements and fast tracked me through areas where I didn't need as much input. Modern teaching techniques enable students to learn at a pace which is appropriate for them. Lukan's assessment of my needs and the course he planned for me was perfect. Lukan is also very good at enabling learners to understand how to make progress with their own development. This is vital as I will be working independently so to be competent in this industry I need to be able to assess my skills and continue with my own learning. His thorough introduction of the techniques and guidance throughout the course has given me a lot of confidence. Lukan has assured me that he will continue with any support I need so I can refer back to him for advice as I start to work independently. I'm no longer nervous about seeing my first clients and I can't wait to start work in my own treatment room!

− Elizabeth

I have been wearing a cap for the last 6 years but I will not be wearing one anytime too soon,thanks to the amazing work that Lukan has done. You have given me back my confidence which I greatly appreciate. I would definitely recommend your service to anyone in a similar situation,it will change their life in a positive way. Thank you soo much Lukan. Buzzing mate happy days....😆

− Mags

I would just like to say a big thank you this treatment has change my life for all the better giving me my confidence back which I lost when my hair went which caused me to suffer with depression and I was on medication which I am no longer on after having the treatment.I have said goodbye to caps and hello to the ladies lol I just wish people would stop telling me to grow my hair !!!!! If only they new.

Lukan totally put me at ease as we spoke about different hair lines and how dark I could go. I really felt as though he wanted me to look my best and it was very clear that Lukan takes pride in his work. I can't thank Lukan enough - I was very bald and he gave me a hair line which framed my face and made me look younger - as a result, I am now much more confident and just a lot happier with the way I look. If anyone has any doubts and wants to ask a question, just find me on facebook as 'aaron smith derby' .

− Aaron Smith

Now that the final treatment has settled in I thought you’d be pleased to know that it looks great and nobody has commented other than to say they think the “Buzz Cut” suits me. I know that I was a difficult case for you having very blond, fine hair but you have matched my colouring exactly and have managed to conceal my transplant scars in the process. Your very personal approach is to be commended and I always felt that you were taking as much care of my head as you would have your own! I would certainly recommend you to anyone thinking of having this treatment and look forward to staying in touch.”

− Richard H

"Hi just letting you know I went back to work and no one even said anything, so happy with the results feels great not to wear a hat any more, looks so good I keep smiling, life is good so glad I had it done now thanks again."

− John - London

"Hi Lukan its Todd from Portsmouth, just a quick update as promised about my new hair. Its brilliant, everyone thinks its great and people who didnt already know me dont believe me even after showing them close up. Thank."

− Todd - Portsmouth

"Thanks Lukan for all your time and patience I am extremely happy with the results and my wife is as well lol thank you again."

− Amrit - London

"I have been through everything to do with hair loss to try and cure it, hair transplant, lotions tablets and then a hair unit. I have wasted thousands of pounds and been ripped off left right centre. Then I found this treatment scalp pigmentation contacted Lukan, soon as I spoke to him I knew he was genuine and straight up, had the treatment done and been happy ever since I would highly recommend Lukan top bloke and very good at his work thanks again!."

"Hi Lukan my meeting went really well no one even said anything, so all my worrying was for no reason very please with the results thankyou."

− Steve - Derby

"Hi Lukan just to let you know that all is good , scars still perfect ,darkness faded as you have said ,few dots went but especially on the front it gives a good broken hairline. I will drop a bottle of good wine as soon as I am back in the area to thank you for the work you did and ..putting up with my tantrums. Thanks."

− John, London

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